Northshore Technical Community College, Industrial Technology Center

65556 Centerpoint Blvd., Lacombe, LA 70445

The site for the Northshore Technical Community College STEM Building will become the main campus for the Northshore Technical Community College. A STEM program currently does not exist at Northshore Technical Community College. Since this is a new program and a new facility, it will provide Northshore Technical Community College with an opportunity to expand its outreach to students who are interested in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Adjacent to the STEM Center will be the Northshore Technical Community College Advanced Technology Center. The campus will be part of a development that will also include other facilities such as a town center, offices, warehouses and housing developments, which will provide a collaboration between parish government, private companies, and individuals.

The types of spaces the STEM Center will include are an administrative area, an open common space serving as a center for innovation, academic classrooms and laboratories, faculty offices, and flexible meeting spaces such as large meeting rooms that can be utilized to hold lectures, conferences, and other activities that support the STEM curriculum. The STEM Center will be a place to foster innovation, education, and technology in an academic environment. It will serve as a place of gathering, study, research, active learning, and collaboration. Other amenities to the campus include an Outdoor Classroom with Tiered Seating and an Outdoor Pavilion which will bid as an Alternate and accepted if the low bid is within the budget.

Project Status


Programming - 97%


Design - 100%


Bidding - 100%


Construction - 100%


Closeout - 100%
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